Who we are

Dexter Analytics is a research and consulting company focused on delivering competitive edge to businesses through value adding services. Our services and solutions were designed with due cognizance of areas fundamental to the growth and profitability of businesses in a challenging environment. With the ultimate aim of supporting businesses at any level on the pyramid of growth, our consultants devise peculiar strategy to generate actionable insights that support unique solutions to individual clients as no single bill fits all.


Our Message

 “Small and medium scale business/enterprises (SMEs) have been projected to play a significant role in the economic development of the African continent. Thus they need to be thoroughly nurtured and developed to grow and capture the opportunities of doing business in Africa.

Dexter Analytics as a company is committed to providing quality research and consulting services to help these SMEs grow and consolidate on their success for them to fulfill their projected contribution to the economic growth and development of the African economy and the global economy at large”


Why Dexter Analytics

 Our clients have chosen to do business with us because of a number of reasons

  • The services we render are of high quality
  • We offer client specific solutions after careful diligence
  • We are constantly in tune with emerging trends to deliver time tested strategies
  • High professionalism of our team.

Our committment


Our mission is to enable business growth and expansion through business specific strategies, insights and solutions.


To be Africa’s one-stop shop offering invaluable Research and Client focused value adding services aimed at meeting client’s goals and business aspirations


Our Values

As a company, Dexter Analytics is built on values that ensures quality service delivery and the overall success of the company. 

  • Dynamism    | |   Integrity      | |     Professionalism  | |  Teamwork
  • Diligence      | |   Discipline    | |     Leadership